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Donate $50 or more to receive a DVD containing all of the films from our first year, including the entirety of our Tea Party and LGBT coverage, and other material not released online.

Donate $100 or more, and receive our First Year DVD, as well as 1 of only 50 copies of our apolitical short doc Lifelike, which premiered at this year's True / False Film Festival and is currently playing in festivals internationally.

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We want to continue making independent films that document those important stories that go uncovered by the corporate mainstream media, as we have with our on-the-ground coverage of the Tea Party movement, the Occupy Movement, the fight to retain workers' rights in Wisconsin and Ohio, and the ongoing fight for LGBT equality across the nation. But the significant production expense can be prohibitive, and we need your help to keep going.


Our films are free to watch, but costly to produce. Though Glenn Beck suggested that we're funded by George Soros, the truth is that we're only funded by you. For what we cannot pay out-of-pocket, we rely on the donations of our viewers, all of which goes toward the production of future films. Every contribution, no matter how small, helps to keep us online.